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          • 김지나  2020.01.31  09:47

          • How to find VIPs  

            Pastor Kim Myunggook visited our church last Wednesday and defined for us what biblical love is. What is biblical love? He said, “It’s trying to meet the needs of others’.” The word love is so broad and common that we doubt its sincerity when it’s used. It’s because we live in an age where we are so used to saying we love someone without showing it and are emotionally numb to love.
            So the definition of love- making even the slightest attempt to meet others’ needs- seemed practical.
            Just as the good Samaritan who helped a stranger who had been beaten and robbed, sympathising and giving help to those who need it is how we can love our neighbours in our daily lives. Up until now, we may have been responsive only to love that is touching or calculative, and have been neglecting those who really need our help. And we may have been loving others the way that suit ourselves.
            Who needs my love? It’s those who have been robbed. It’s those shedding blood next to me, my family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. But we have been neglecting them and instead, looking for VIPs elsewhere. VIPs in mokjangs are such people, that need my help.
            Serving and loving VIPs must start by sympathising with their pain and helping them, not approaching them out of the mokjang’s need. We sometimes say that our VIPs have been rude and ungrateful, but this is because we know ourselves that our love and service to them had a motive behind it. Sometimes what a VIP needs the most may be a warm phone call or empathy.
            Now that we know that a VIP is a soul shedding blood like someone who had been robbed and need my help, let’s try and meet their needs. Include them in your VIP list and pray for them in your mokjang. Think about how you can meet their needs as you pray for them and there will surely come a moment when they need God. 
            This week’s message
            Pastor Kim Youngjoo will be speaking for us this Friday to Sunday with the topic “God who unbinds and fills”. Please attend with prayer and expectations, and with an eager heart.  
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