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          • 김지나  2020.01.21  07:37

          • Having after-service lunch within chowons or mokjangs

            Every Sunday, having lunch together after the service has become a church culture that adds joy to our Christian lives. Most of us have lunch with our mokjang members, and at times, I see people who are unable to stay for lunch, or have trouble deciding who to have lunch with. And this often applies to new visitors, those who are still settling in, or those whose mokjang leaders go straight to 2nd service after the 1st, without having lunch.
            Some may want to have lunch with others on Sunday, because they've already eaten with their mokjang during their weekly gathering. But we must consider those who aren't able to do so, and we need everyone's cooperation in creating an environment in which everyone can participate and not leave after service because they find lunch time to be difficult.
            Therefore, we'd like to try implementing a change starting this week.
            After the 1st service, we will designate eating areas by chowon, and tables by mokjang. If a mokjang has fewer number of members, it can join another mokjang and eat together.
            After the 2nd service, everyone can eat with their mokjang members and again join another mokjang if there are few members.We will notify in the future of any further changes after this has been trialed.

            1st Service at Granville: Tree of Life Hall: Love Chowon, Fruit Chowon, Tent: Joy Chowon, Peace Chowon, Green Chowon, Sunday School classroom: Faith Chowon, Education centre: Yoth Chowon, ESC Chowon
            2nd Service at Telopea: Central area: Kimberly Mokjang, Azerbaijan Mokjang, Pretoria Mokjang, Samson Village Mokjang, Turkey Mokjang, China Mokjang, and other mokjangs, Sunday School classroom: Philippines Mokjang, I Mokjang, Coram Deo Mokjang, Sirai Mokjang, Preschool room: Namibia Mokjang, Osaka Mokjang, Colombo Mokjang, new members.

            This week's message
            We are going to have lunch within our mokjangs or chowons. You may find this inconvenient if you are not used to it, but we ask that you participate with an open heart. 
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