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          • 김지나  2020.12.19  13:37

          • Churches are ill.

            An elderly sister from Perth participated in the recent seminar. It would have been impossible for her to attend in person if the seminar was held offline because of her old age and also because she’d recently had a knee surgery. Due to the time difference, she had to be up since dawn for the lectures and her meal breaks were in between, but despite it all, she said she had a really good time.
            After the lecture, when she shared what was the most memorable to her, she teared up as she said that she most agreed that “churches are ill” and “church members are ill”. She mentioned that Jesus would be weeping right now as he sees the ill churches and their members, just as he wept when he raised Lazarus from death, and he wept for those who stood around him as he felt sorry for them.
            The Spirit touched the hearts of the seminar participants through the statement that churches are ill.
            Why are churches so ill? Is it not because they have lost their identity of a family community that the Lord had dreamed of, and have only sought after growth? Is it not the result of setting our goals to only ensure that I, myself, am saved and blessed and attend service on Sundays? So will we just sit and watch these ill churches? We couldn’t do so if we could feel the Lord’s tears.
            The revival of the New Testament church is a movement to restore the churches that have long been ill. It’s going back to the Bible and restoring the original image of the church the Lord desired.
            After the seminar, the wife of the pastor from the Perth church wrote to thank us, “Thanks to Crystal Church’s service you have showed us this seminar, a church member who hadn’t cried in 20 years cried for the church, one decided to become a mokjang leader, some have become restored, some have experienced God’s love in abundance. Thank you. Thank you very much.”
            I thank God for allowing Crystal Church to be a stepping stone in saving ill churches and their members.

            This week’s message
            Please refrain from talking in the church hall 10 minutes before service time. If your conversation is in regards to church duties, please keep your voices as low as possible so that those who are preparing for the service in prayer are not disrupted.
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