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  •  거짓 평안의 말씀을 조심하십시요.(예레미야 28:1-17)
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          • Beware of false words of peace

            Prophets as well as false prophets spoke name of the almighty God. Just like the prophet Hananiah.

            The Lord will bring words of peace and love but contrasting to that He will also bring words about the judgment of sin at the end of our lives. We need to realise He speaks Botha sides.

            However, if we interpret the word differently just as Hananiah did what would happen to our lives? And what would happen if we only put our trust in the words of the Lord? Meditate on this.

            If we listen to the words of the false prophets we would probably go down not realising our sin. So put your trust in the word of God.

            Reading: Jeremiah 28:1-17

            8 From time immemorial our ancestors have foretold wars, famines, and plagues upon many nations and great kingdoms.
            9 The prophet who prophesies of peace will only recognize him as the true prophet sent by the Lord only after the words he prophesied are fulfilled.”
            10 The prophet Hananiah took the yoke of wood from the neck of Jeremiah the prophet and broke it.
            11 And Hananiah said this in the sight of all the people. “I say the Lord. Within two years I will take the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the necks of all the nations and break them in this way.” The prophet Jeremiah left the place.

            1. Did you think about Jesus when you woke up?
            2. What is this passage dating to you?
            3. What is something you just obey?
            4. Write your gratitude points.
            5. Write something you will live towards.
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