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          • Creation Science camp which instils a biblical worldview

            In Australia, while serving in immigrant ministry, it's disheartening to witness the disappearance of the next generation and the majority of church members aging, resulting in empty churches. Specifically, the disappearance of the next generation can be attributed to the collapse of biblical worldview education for vertical salvation, coupled with the flawed faith of parents who pursued secular success.
            Christian organisations and churches have endeavoured to defend against issues related to evolution and secular values, confronting biblical worldview head-on in a postmodern society. However, I believe wisdom is needed to avoid responding antagonistically to these emerging issues and creating an anti-Christian sentiment. Despite these strenuous and sacrificial efforts, if churches fail to instil a sound biblical worldview in the next generation, it may become a futile Endeavor over time.
            Entering its third occurrence this year, the Children's Creation Science Camp began with the concept of engaging the entire congregation on the theme of God's creation. Inviting VIP children from the house church, conducting the camp, and opening a café for VIP parents visiting because of their children are all aimed at promoting awareness of the Creation Science Camp and the church.
            During the 2nd Creation Science Camp, we added a focus on gender identity to the theme of God's creation. This year's 3rd camp has added themes of environmental protection and gender identity to the theme of creation.
            Now, the Creation Science Camp is becoming a cultural staple for educating the next generation on biblical worldview. Through the camp, children are educated on biblical worldview, and VIPs from the house churches have settled in, attending Sunday worship services with their children. Moreover, it has been introduced to other churches and is spreading.

            Word of the week
            This week, there will be the 3rd Creation Science Camp. If you wish to serve as a helper for the Creation Science Camp, which aims to instill a biblical worldview in the next generation, please register by today.

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