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          • A House Church that Experiences God (1)
            The house church is a place to experience God. When God is experienced at house church, people will definitely come. No matter how busy people are, people do things they either enjoy or what is helpful to them. In the same way, if you experience God every week at the house church, you will want to keep attending.
            1. House church members must be able to openly share their “inner thoughts” with each other. Humans have a desire to express themselves. Therefore, you must be able to openly share your feelings at house church. Because it is a place where you can express things that you cannot say to others, you will quickly feel refreshed and come back again. As a result, attendance at the house church increases and it becomes a revival. House church should not be a place to teach, but a place to share each other’s lives.
            2. When people need practical help, they are “always” there. House churches that are doing well make the effort to meet each other's needs. In other words, it is because they always provided practical help when it was needed. Also, when problems arise between spouses, about children, or at work, it was because they were able to talk about it honestly and get advice from experienced people. There comes a time in everyone's life when you need help. A house church that is reviving is one where people adjust their lives in some way and make sacrifices for each other.
            3. There must be “answered prayers.” Non-believers want to confirm whether God exists. The way to prove this is through answered prayer. When house church families pray together for their children, their illnesses were cured. When they prayed about their career, they received job offers. As they encounter these cases, they will come to think, “God is alive,” and have the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord. Therefore, one of the important roles of the shepherd is to discover God's will for members when they share and find specific prayer requests appropriate for this. During the intercessory prayer, the shepherd prays on this request along with the house church family. In the following week, you must check whether your prayers have been answered. This is because when prayers are answered, the house church family experiences God. (to be continued next week…)

            Word of the week
            The 42nd Living Life bible study is scheduled to begin. The course has been greatly upgraded. If it has been more than 3 years since you completed this course, we recommend you re-take it. If it has been more than 5 years, please register to re-take the course.
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