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            I participated in the 120th House Church Conference for Korean pastors. It was a conference where 1001 people gathered. Such large-scale events are said to be the last of their kind, with plans to divide the next conference into units of 500 people. As a House Church director of the Oceania region, I received special recognition and treatment at the front of this Korean conference. It felt awkward and burdensome to receive greetings and service from pastors I had never met before, but it made me realise the need to become a more humble minister.
            The life study I participated in was led by Pastor Soo Kwan Lee of Houston Seoul Church, called "A Guide for House Church". Since I have to teach in the Oceania region in July, I paid close attention to every moment of the lecture without missing a beat. Listening to the lectures made me realise how much I had missed and made me reflect on my ministry once again.
            While leading a six-fold group meeting where pastors share together, I was able to indirectly feel the pain of Korean churches. Most of the pastors and their spouses assigned to our group were individuals who had resigned from large, long-standing churches and started anew. Listening to the stories of pastors shedding tears over the reality of Korean churches and wives serving despite ill health saddened me deeply.
            During the final challenge session, I was challenged by the words, "To become a Biblical pastor, you need three convictions" (Pastor Young Ki Choi). To be a Biblical pastor, one must have the conviction that "first, the Bible is the word of God, second, the answers to all of life's problems are in the Bible, and third, if you truly understand the Bible, you cannot help but believe in Jesus and be changed."

            Word of the week
            Words contain a person's character. If words are not trained, they can not only destroy oneself but also others. So, I hope you try to speak words that save lives and uplift others this week.
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