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          • To flourish in Lay leader’s Ministry

            The movement of House Church revolves around the three axes (House church meeting, Sunday Corporate Worship, Life Bible Study) and four pillars (Biblical Church purpose for existence, Biblical discipleship Training, Division of Biblical ministry, Biblical servant leadership), spreading the revival of the New Testament churches. The core of this House church movement lies in the existence of lay ministers.
            The lay leader’s ministry of House church is about obeying the earthly command of the Lord, "Go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19-20), where lay believers take charge of ministry, shepherding souls, and establishing the church in the image of the New Testament churches. Additionally, it involves vertically passing down their faith to the next generation.
            For lay leader’s ministry to flourish, lay leaders should not only focus on the role of shepherding but also be involved in the church ministry and to serve as Life Bible study instructors. In traditional churches, ministry is often conducted by the pastor or office bearers. Some lay believers also take on a ministry, but more often than not, church ministry is conducted by the office bearers of the church, starting from the visiting of the members to essential ministries. Consequently, lay leader’s ministry remains formal and superficial.
            Under such structures, lay believers cannot take a proactive role in ministry. Lay leader led Sunday ministry requires servant leadership that does not centre around a few pastors or office bearers but demonstrates exemplary ministry among lay believers, helping other lay leaders to excel together. Thus, ministry can continue even with changes in leadership and further development is possible.
            Lay leader’s ministry also needs to advance in Life Bible studies. Lay instructors in House churches need to be continually established, and lay believers' witnessing by testimonial sermons should be active. We witnessed excellent teaching by lay instructors at the recent Singles’ Camp due to their expertise and life experience. Lay leader’s teaching ministry needs to be established further, covering topics such as marriage, parenting, Christian business, workplace ministry, financial management, mental health, and more.

            Word of the week
            Today is Sunday, the day of the children's talent bazaar party. For the safety of the children, the use of the church parking lot is restricted. Those who park on the streets or at the Vision Centre, please be cautious and do your best to avoid causing inconvenience to the local residents.
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