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          • 이동주  2024.04.27  13:49


          • Children’s VIP Invitation Talent Bazaar (Pastor Jeong Ho Lee)

            What will the Sydney Crystal Church look like 40 years from now? As one generation passes and the next emerges, we hope that Sydney Crystal Church will still be running towards its mission of saving the souls. This mission won't just be passed down; it will be ingrained in the bodies and hearts of the next generation through repetitive education and practical actions. In this sense, we aim to change the Talent Bazaar that we've been conducting into a VIP Invitation Day. The significance of this change can be explained as follows: it means viewing our children's generation as both subjects of care and protection and as individuals who share in the mission. Sunday school children have been praying for their own VIPs for a month now. Additionally, the "Children's VIP Invitation Talent Bazaar" is planned for twice a year (in May and October) and will become a part of the church culture that serves the local children. Specifically for the event next week, we request the following:
            First, please serve the Children's VIPs together at each house church. Adult assistance is essential for the Children's VIP invitation. Please check the Children's VIP list at each house church and coordinate pick-up and timing for attendance on Sundays.
            Second, we need shade for the event. We are recruiting volunteers to bring and set up shade tents at the church on the day before the event, May 4th (Saturday). (We need 10 shade tents).
            Third, for the safety of children, all vehicle access to the church premises will be restricted next Sunday. However, parking spaces for the elderly and disabled will be available, and guidance will be provided at the church entrance.
            Furthermore, we are eagerly awaiting volunteers to join us in Sunday school ministry. We ask for many prayers and support for the teachers who work hard for Sunday school children every Sunday morning.

            Word of the week
            From this week on, after the sermon, when the benediction is over, we will have a time of praise and prayer, followed by a time of commitment and dedication. During this time of commitment and dedication, we need to contemplate and make resolutions about what we will practice throughout the week after hearing the sermon. Through these small practices, our lives will be transformed.
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