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          • 이동주  2024.04.20  10:28


          • Change begins with small dedications (2).

            The essence of Christianity can be said to be about transforming people. Most often, personal transformation starts with small acts and decisions. While there are occasions of dramatic and radical change, most transformations begin with the Holy Spirit's touch, prompting reflection on our small mistakes and leading to action.
            Conversely, the absence of change results from failing to act upon small decisions. In C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters," the senior demon Screwtape advises the junior demon Wormwood, that they need not worry if repentance does not translate into action, but urges Wormwood to prevent believers from acting upon their realizations or repentance. The main idea was that it was better to act upon small deeds than to have great revelations.
            I see house church meetings as encouraging these small changes. Sharing fosters discussions about the small concerns in our hearts. Then, fellow members encourage repentance, perseverance, and dedication to resolving these issues together. When actions follow, it brings greater joy and fulfillment than expected. This is how transformation of life occurs.
            In house churches, meeting weekly, rotating hosting duties, preparing meals, bringing a side dish, listening to Sunday sermons, and doing small deeds are not huge sacrifices. They're small sacrifices. It's through embracing these small sacrifices in our lives that change occurs.
            Our world often seeks to avoid any loss and meticulously calculates gains and losses. However, we must realize that in a world driven by such attitudes, having the attitude to embrace loss, compromise, and sacrifice will challenge your life.

            # This column has been written by editing and reconstructing Pastor Soo Kwan Lee’s “Director’s Corner”.

            Word of the week
            This week's Wednesday service won't be held at the church due to the Singles Camp. Instead, you can participate in the evening service at the Singles Camp venue on Wednesday. Also, due to the ongoing camp activities, access will be restricted except for the Wednesday evening service.
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