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          • We must instill a biblical worldview.

            One of the lamentable aspects of conducting immigrant ministry in Australia is witnessing the disappearance of the next generation and the majority of believers aging in Australian churches, resulting in empty and desolate churches. Some churches find it remarkable when children and teenagers are present. I recently heard the news that the Telopea Church, which I used to pastor, closed its doors last month. It was deeply saddening and regrettable to see a church that once gathered several hundred people now closing its doors due to a lack of congregation.
            This phenomenon is not exclusive to Australian society but is also occurring within Korean churches in Australia. When analysing the causes, it's not just one or two reasons but a complex interplay of multiple factors. Specifically, the disappearance of the next generation is attributed to the incorrect faith of parents who pursued low birth rates or secular success. However, we should recognize the deep-rooted causes in the collapse of biblical worldview education for the next generation and the fading passion for vertical soul salvation.
            A worldview refers to the lens through which a person perceives the world based on perspectives, knowledge, and experiences, shaping their lifestyle, values, outlook on life, and economic and life-and-death perspectives. Why does that person behave that way? It's because their worldview influences their actions. Even without direct teaching, our children are forming a secular worldview through education, culture, and media.
            To pass on faith to the next generation, we must instill and teach a biblical worldview grounded in the Bible. Parental commitment to faith is crucial for this task.
            For the past two years, we have attempted 'Children's Creation Science Camp,' which received a better response than expected. We conducted it twice, and during the second session, we added a discussion on sexual identity in conjunction with the theme of God's creation.
            If we want our next generation to prepare for the future with a biblical worldview in this confusing world, the parental generation must make a commitment, diligently learn the Bible, and demonstrate the essence of faith life.

            Word of the week
            "Faith training occurs in churches and fields, while the life of faith happens in the home, workplace, and the scenes of everyday life. The evidence of a maturing life of faith is becoming a discerning and warm-hearted person."

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