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          • Happiness comes through relationships.

            Leo Tolstoy posed these questions in his short story collection, "Three Questions": "When is the most important time in one's life?" "Who is the most important person in one's life?" "What is the most important thing to do in one's life?" He answered that the most important time is 'now,' the most important person is 'the person you are with right now,' and the most important thing to do is 'to show love to that person you are with right now.'

            Blessings and happiness in life also come through relationships. Those who describe themselves as happy are individuals who build many beautiful memories through relationships. Conversely, those who are not happy tend to remember a single mistake or moment of unhappiness more than the numerous good memories. Therefore, a wise person is someone who can recall positive memories first.

            I once read a piece stating that someone actively paying for the cost after a meal does so not because they are wealthy but ‘because they prioritize relationships over money’. Similarly, someone taking initiative at work is not foolish but ‘understands responsibility’. A person who apologizes first after an argument does not do so because they made a mistake but ‘because they value you’. Someone who always want to help you does not do so because they have a debt to pay but ‘because they think of you as a real friend’. Someone who always send you Kakaotalk messages does not do so because they are bored and have a lot of spare time but ‘because they keep you in their heart’.

            Human relationships are not a game of winning or losing. When difficulties arise in relationships, the person who sets aside their pride and approaches first understands the blessings of relationships. Instead of dwelling on the challenges in relationships, try recalling positive memories first. Be a warm person who forgives instead of pointing out others' mistakes. You will surely become a person who confesses happiness, and people will gather around that person.

            It says in Proverbs 19:6, "Many curry favour with a ruler, and everyone is the friend of one who gives gifts."

            Word of the week
            Having house church meetings at different houses is biblical. It is a spiritual blessing for your home to be used for the house church meeting. Please offer heartfelt prayers for the hosting house during the meeting, and consider bringing food to share when you come to the hosting house.
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