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          • Expectations for Answered Prayers

            One of the significant reasons why faith does not grow, and people cannot focus on their spiritual lives, is the constant problems that arise in our lives. Whether it's problems in our livelihood, health issues, or any other challenges, we tend to prioritize solving these issues, and our faith life can quickly take a backseat. However, when we experience or have expectations of answers to our prayers, the attitude changes. Instead of relying on worldly solutions, we put more effort into praying to God. As we experience answered prayer, it becomes an opportunity to experience and grow in our faith.
            House churches help us feel God's love through serving and loving one another. Through answered prayers, we come to realize that God is alive and works in our lives. Therefore, starting from the beginning of our faith journey, we need to continuously experience answered prayers to build trust in our prayers. To achieve this, healthy prayer habits need to be established within house church gatherings.
            First, in house church gatherings, members should strive to create an environment of trust, where problems are not concealed, but are shared and sincere prayer requests are made.
            Second, every member in the house church should develop a habit of praying fervently for one another's prayer requests. Therefore, it is important to lead members to pray passionately, having a strong determination to experience answered prayers. That is, prayer time should not be rushed, to finish the house church gatherings quickly, after having a prolonged sharing time until late.
            Third, the shepherds should take an interest in the prayer requests and observe how the answered prayers are making a difference in the context of the prayer requests. There should be mutual concern, and the results of answered prayers should be checked and followed up. When an answered prayer occurs, it should be celebrated, allowing members to rejoice together. In this way, little by little, the miracle of prayer unfolds, and the expectations for answered prayers will grow.

            Note: This translation is an adaptation of the original text by Pastor SooKwan Lee and may not be a perfect word-for-word translation, but it conveys the intended message.

            Word of the week
            Our hearts are opened wide during the worship service's praise time, so that we can receive grace. When singing praises, we should not just watch idly but sing with our whole hearts together.
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