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          • Stages of personal maturation
            Maturity is, in simple terms, a state of becoming seasoned. Lack of maturity signifies immaturity. The ways in which people show immaturity can vary, but generally, it involves, firstly, not doing what one ought to do, secondly, doing what one shouldn't do, and thirdly, failing to realize that one's actions are causing inconvenience and pain to others. One can think of the stages of personal maturation as follows.
            The first stage is realizing one's own immaturity. This is the initial sign of maturing. Ah! I haven't been doing what I should have been doing all this time, and I've been doing things I shouldn't have been doing, and it's causing difficulties for those around me. Recognizing this is the first step toward maturation. However, merely realizing it doesn't automatically lead to mature behaviour, but it is the first step in the right direction.
            The second stage is taking responsibility. Finally, you start doing what you should do and stop doing what you shouldn't. You start taking on responsibilities and fulfilling your role with a sense of duty. At this stage, your social and relational skills also develop. Now, you no longer become a source of pain for those around you.
            However, when you reach the second stage, there's something to be cautious about. It becomes hard to tolerate those who are less mature than you. At this stage, you may feel compelled to advise and correct those who are not doing what they should. It's easy to see others just one step behind you when comparing to your own journey and find it difficult to accept them being there. Speaking prematurely and offering advice can sometimes hurt others. If you find it difficult to tolerate those less mature than yourself, then you have arrived at the second stage.
            The third stage is the stage of acceptance and inclusion. This is when a person matures fully. You take full responsibility for yourself and confidently take on social roles wherever needed. Simultaneously, you embrace many individuals who lack maturity in your circle. You silently handle the consequences of someone else's irresponsibility. Mature individuals demonstrate acceptance and inclusion in their relationships, much like parents nurturing the immaturity of their children. At this stage of maturity, you no longer feel anger towards the immaturity and lack of responsibility in those around you. You will persevere for a long time and nurture them with love.
            This column is written with reference to Pastor Young-Jin Bae's writing.

            Word of the week
            Repairs and clean-up of the Vision Centre building and exterior will begin this Saturday. The time is from 7:30 am on Saturday after the dawn prayer. We hope that many of you will join us so that we can finish it as quickly as possible.

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