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          • 이동주  2023.09.09  11:30


          • Vision plan for the new property
            The purchase of the new property was finalised last week. Settlement is expected to be around September 15th. I am truly grateful and it is an amazing grace. Because the new property is located in a residential area (R2 Zone), it cannot be used solely as a parking lot or church facility. Two types of facilities are possible, but they are only possible with the consent of neighbouring residents to change the use of the property as a community centre and boarding house. In the meantime, it is necessary to give a good image to the neighbours while using this place.
            I believe that this new property needs to meet the vision pursued by our church. We do need parking lots, educational facilities, meeting places, etc., but if we use them only for those needs, the permit we seek will not be issued and these needs will only grow. However, if it has the characteristics of a Christian community centre, it can also be used for parking and educational purposes.
            So, we considered a two-step vision plan to use the new property for its intended purposes.
            The first step is to renovate the current old house and get it licensed as a community centre for education. After being approved as a community education centre, I think it will be possible to use it for church education, Korean language school, cultural school, and various church meetings. If you receive a permit as a community education centre, you can park there, so the parking problem will be solved to some extent, and it can also be used as an education centre or meeting place, which is currently lacking on Sundays.
            The second step is to establish a vision centre for saving lost souls. Taking advantage of the potential of a community centre and boarding house, we could build a two-storey building at the inner side of the land with additional accommodations and meeting rooms. When I went to Cambodia, God gave me a preview of how the boarding house for missionaries built by the C&MA denomination was functioning as a missionary strategy centre to save the lost souls of Cambodia. In this new centre, we will be establishing a strategic centre for saving souls through house churches and missionary work. Here, we will provide training and experiences for missionaries, pastors, and shepherds.
            This vision will be deepened and developed through prayer and discussions with you. It may take time, but God will bless you and work through you. We hope that you will dedicate your prayers, talents, and finances to the vision of God's kingdom that will be achieved through us.

            Word of the week
            This week's Three stranded cord Prayer Meetings will be from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. Shepherds, please select prayer partners of three and prepare to participate.

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