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          • Is your church biblical? (Pastor Young Ki Choi)
            I believe that all pastors have a desire to build a ‘biblical church.’ As pastors struggle with ministry, this desire may cool down or fade, but I don't think it will disappear completely.
            People who try to establish a biblical church usually try to find the church form, organization, and operating method in the Bible. However, although this may create a theory about a biblical church, it cannot actually establish a church. I believe that in order to establish a biblical church, we must focus on the fruits of the biblical church.
            According to the records of the New Testament, the early church had three characteristics.
            1) Non-believers believed in Jesus.
            2) The lives of believers changed.
            3) There was joy in church life.
            These three things are the fruits of a biblical church.
            To judge whether a church is a biblical church or not, we must look at whether or not these three fruits are present. No matter how theoretically a biblical church appears, if it does not have these three fruits, it is only a biblical church on the outside and is not actually a biblical church.
            The reason I believe that house churches are biblical churches is because they have these three fruits. Evangelism to non-believers is taking place, the lives of believers are changing, and there is joy in church life.
            These three fruits begin with the evangelism of non-believers, that is, the salvation of their souls. As church members accept non-believers as they are, serve them, and try to live as examples for them, their lives change and become more like Jesus. And as the number of new believers in Jesus continues to increase and the lives of believers change, the church becomes overflowing with joy.
            Therefore, if you want to build a biblical church, focus on saving souls. If you want to change the lives of your church members, please focus on saving souls. If you want believers to confess that they are happy because of church life, please focus on saving souls. Saving souls is the beginning of everything.
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