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          • Reasons to listen to the sermon at church
            It is getting harder and harder for pastors to preach. This is because church members can easily listen to famous pastors' sermons or various sermons on the Internet with just a smartphone. In this age of the flood of the Word, preaching so that many people who listen to the other sermons can receive grace is an unusually difficult task.
            So is worship. If you tune in to a Christian broadcast, you can watch live worship services from almost any church. The backgrounds, the music, the sermons are much better than the average church. As a result, some people think that it is better to worship online without having to go to church on a Sunday.
            But why do we have to go to church and listen to sermons on Sundays?
            The answer to that is 'the Holy Spirit'. It is because the Holy Spirit is in the middle of the worship scene in the process of the Word leaving the mouth of the preacher and entering the ears of the members sitting in the congregation. The Holy Spirit works in the midst of church members worshiping together, and the Word is heard, leading to dedications and commitments in life, and causing changes to occur.
            While listening to sermons here and there through the Internet, you can be moved and receive grace, but there are not many cases that lead to new resolutions or changes in life. On the contrary, if you find and listen to a message that suits your taste or a preacher you like, your knowledge will improve, but only your criticism will grow without any changes in your life. It also lowers expectations for the church service or sermon to which you listen to.
            Conversely, a sermon that is trivial when listened to on the Internet sometimes causes a lot of changes if you listen to it at the church. It is because there is the work and change of the Holy Spirit among the members who worship together. For a week, the pastor examines the lives of the church members, prays, prepares the Word, and preaches. It becomes the word that God gives to the church members through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must not neglect to worship and listen to sermons at the church.

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