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          • Trialling house church fellowship with the Pastor after the second service
            I'm going to trial a meal fellowship with different house churches after the second service on Sunday. After the second service, a new family meeting is usually held in the Sunday School room (small room inside the Tree of Life Hall). If there is no new family meeting, my wife and I eat in the Tree of Life Hall when seats are available. Since seats are limited, there have been times when there are no seats, so I have eaten alone in the Sunday School room;^^ However, I think that not using the Sunday School room for anything other than new family meetings during lunchtime is a waste of space.
            So, I have thought of having the new family meeting in the Pastor’s office, and then taking turns eating with different house churches in the Sunday School room. I think this will be a better use of this space on Sundays at lunch and it will be a time for me to have a meal with church members. I'll try it for about 3 months and if it's not effective, I'll stop quickly;^^
            The problem is, not all house churches have a meal after the second service, so only a limited number of house churches will have meal fellowship. First of all, if those who attended the first service or house churches attending ANW want to participate, we will include them in the roster so that I can have a meal with them together. I actually don't think it will be easy. There is teatime after the first service, so the situation would be such that you would have to wait until the end of the second service. It will also clash with the starting time of the ANW service. However, even so, if you apply, you will have time to have fellowship with me while having a meal at least once. House churches with a small number of members may join with another house church and have the meal with me together.
            However, on days when there is a new family meeting, the rostered house church can start eating in the Sunday School room first as though you are having a house church meal, rather than waiting for us. If you leave two seats for my wife and I, we will join as soon as the new family meeting has finished. However, if there is a change, we will notify you in advance through the New Family Department. When it is your turn to use the Sunday School room, please set up the table and pick up the food yourself. The meal fellowship roster will be organised by the Administrative Team and posted on the bulletin board in the Tree of Life Hall.
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