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          • Consistent participation in the house churches is the lifeline.
            Following the spirit of the Bible, we view the house church as a church. Following that principle, several house churches gathering to worship on Sundays, is called Sunday Corporate Worship. Therefore, the house churches become the foundation of a life of faith. So, when registering as a church member, one of the principle is to participate in the house church meetings.
            I am always interested in how the church members are going in the house church meetings and who participated. And since I check the house church diary every week, I naturally know who came to the house church this week and who didn't. For those who only attend Sunday worship, I always feel that they are not included in the community, so I make a separate list and pray for them to participate in the house church.
            There will be many factors that make someone not attend house church meetings. The biggest factor is probably due to 'relationship conflicts'. When they feel uncomfortable with the house church family, it seems that they decide, ‘I just don’t have to attend the house church!’. But in fact, this kind of conflict becomes an opportunity for growth. First, it becomes a chance to reflect on my appearance, and then becomes an opportunity for God to refine me. This time may not have been a happy one, but in fact, it would have been a time of self-refinement.
            In addition to that, there may be other various reasons why someone stops participating in the house church meetings. I ask shepherds to treat them like VIPs and ask them to wait a little longer, but in the end, I see them leave the church due to having a hard time living a religious life or not being able to adapt to the church. This is because the life of faith is based on relationships.
            Steady participation in the house church is the lifeline for a happy life of faith. If you are not participating in the house church, please gather your courage and participate in the house church once again. Please recommend to those who do not come to house church meetings to come and find a way for them to participate in the house church meetings.
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