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          • For an effective application of the commitment time
            The commitment time at the end of worship is very important for the continued Christian growth. If we listen to a sermon and say, ‘That sermon was good. I received grace”, and leave, nothing will be accomplished. On the other hand, when you listen to the Word and come out with your own problems and make a concrete dedication, you will have the strength to overcome them.
            The power of the changed life is also the result of the tears shed by the members who repeatedly came out in front of the commitment table for a long time and met God while making sacrifices. After experiencing the grace of worship and meeting God, shedding tears of emotion, and then making a decision, it is no wonder that there were changes and growth.
            Some of the commitments include registration, receiving Jesus, baptism, or commitment to ministry, but most repeat commitments every week are rededications for commitment. I often experience the inspiration and work of the Holy Spirit as I read the commitments cards of the members, place my hands on them, and pray briefly. Sometimes God gives us the heart to pray prophetically, and sometimes we are healed of physical and mental illness, or we experience the work of restoration. I am convinced that there is an unexplainable work of the Holy Spirit's grace at the commitment table.
            However, I see cases where they cannot come forward to the commitment table. I think it's because they are embarrassed to come forward. So, the shepherds and their partners who know the importance of the commitment time should come together with the house church members and train together at the commitment table.
            Some house churches say that they post the contents of the commitment in the house church group chat room so that all members of the house church can re-commit each week. Since not everyone can come to the commitment table every week, I think this is a wise way. It would be nice to actively apply it to all the house churches. Then in the house church, you'll be able to see and learn from each other what other house church members have committed to. In addition, sharing during the house church meeting will be enriched by sharing concretely about their commitments rather than sharing vague things.
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