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          • To establish a family house church
            Through house church meetings, we experience the heavenly family, which transcends blood ties and becomes one through Jesus Christ. However, since the foundation of a house church and church is the family, it is important to build a healthy family house church. I think the family house church is an excellent way to communicate and pass on the faith within families in the era of family disintegration. Family house churches are best done weekly. Families who are not able to do so, please start by gathering together at least once a month. In a family where there is no consensus in faith, you can start by praying, eating, and talking together so that the other family members to not feel burdened.
            # Order of the family house church (The father and mother of the family becomes the family house church shepherd and shepherd’s wife.)
            1. Family meal: The whole family eats together. It is recommended that you prepare meals together. After the meal, tidy up together and prepare for the family house church.
            2. Praise: Sing a song that the whole family can sing together.
            3. Sharing: 1 Sharing the Word: Sharing new things learned, realizations, and resolutions about the Word from the Sunday. 2 Sharing Life: Sharing the things you are thankful for and the things you feel good about. 3 Sharing prayer topics: Share difficult things and personal prayer topics.
            4. Praying: Pray together for the shared prayer topics and prayer topics for the church and family.
            5. Fun time together: You can have fun with your children according to family members.
            # Precautions at the family house church: 1. The family house church is a time for the whole family to be together. It's a good idea to give even small children a small role so they can participate. 2. Inform the role (person maintaining the order of contents, praise, game, food preparation) in advance and have them prepare. 3. When sharing, it is good for parents to share first. Sharing time is “empathy” time. Never teach one another. 4. As for prayer topics, it is good to prepare and record prayer topics for each family and check answered prayers.
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