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          • Faith and luck
            There are many times when we sometimes cannot distinguish between faith and luck. So, when you have to do it by faith, there are cases where you hope for a good luck and mistake the good luck for faith. Good luck is hoping to reap without effort, that is, wanting to reap fruits right away after doing it once or twice. On the other hand, faith is faith that continues, repeats, expects, and does not give up.
            For example, if you pray hard for a VIP to come to the house church, but you do not go and meet them, or you are disappointed that they do not come to house church when you haven’t invited them, then this person is hoping for a good luck. If you prayed earnestly for the VIP, visited them diligently, met them, and wished for the VIP to come to house church and they indeed do come, then you can say that it is the result of your faith.
            The same goes for healing prayers. If you pray in hope and pray persistently with faith for an illness, and you receive healing, then this is the result of faith. However, if you give up after praying for it once or twice, then this is not done by faith, but wishing for luck. True faith is praying without giving up until the end.
            In 2 Kings 5, there is a story of Captain Naaman. The prophet Elijah said that if Naaman was to go to the Jordan River and wash his body, his leprosy would be cured. At first, Naaman didn't want to go in because he was upset, but he believed him and went in the river. But nothing happened even after the sixth time he went in and out. However, when he entered the seventh time, he experienced complete cleansing. We can see that Captain Naaman did not hope for luck, but did it out of faith.
            In 1 Kings 18, there is a scene where Elijah prays because of a famine in Israel. He went to the mountain to pray and sent a servant to see if rain clouds were forming. The servant went there six times and said there was no cloud, but the seventh time, when he said a small cloud the size of a palm was forming, Elijah said, "It's over, go down quickly." Praying persistently like this, praying continuously, and not just doing it once or twice, never giving up and continuing until the end, is called faith.
            Aren't you mistaking luck for faith? Faith is expecting and persisting to the end.
            #This article was written by referring to Pastor YoungJoo Kim's writing.
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