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          • 이동주  2023.07.15  15:20


          • Special church meeting: Related to the purchase of additional property
            Today, July 16th, Sunday at 4:00 PM, there is a special church meeting in the main hall. You may ask ‘What is the special church meetings for?’ This special church meeting is assembled at the request of the denomination regarding the purchase of an additional property. This is to ensure that church members fully understand and consent to the additional property purchase process and contents through this special church meeting. All church members can participate, but only registered members of the church can raise opinions and make decisions on it.
            We prayed together and even voted for registered members to receive God's guidance regarding the purchase of additional property. However, it is only the first step in receiving God's guidance, and the purchase has not been finalised. There are still stages and situations to work on, and there is still the possibility of change in the process.
            The special church meeting goes like this. The chairperson of the special church meeting is the chairperson of the church management committee. And, as a ‘Mover’, the chairperson of the building committee proposes the purchase of additional property and the purchase process, focusing on the progress and exchanges with the denomination. The key points of the proposal are that the Sydney Crystal Church take out a loan from The Churches of Christ Property Trust to purchase additional property, the finances the church must bear, and the purchase will be in the name of The Churches of Christ Property Trust. The church finance manager, as a ‘Seconder’, will explain the current financial situation of the church in purchasing additional property and the financial burden the church must handle. Then, the registered members get to vote. For specific details, you must attend the church special meeting and listen to the explanation.
            We still have to go forward praying that God will take the initiative and guide us in the process of purchasing additional property. If it is not God’s will, we must boldly wait for God's guidance and the right time, and if it is God’s will, we need an attitude of obedience and participate as one heart.
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