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          • Reflections at the end of the first ‘Life of experiencing God’ Bible study
            Finally, we have produced the first class of “Life of Experiencing God”, the final stage of the five essential life studies. There are 10 people who have completed this study this time, and they were already deeply trained in the life of saving souls and making disciples by devoting themselves as shepherds and shepherds’ wives prior to the study. The reason why I am finally producing the 1st class of this study was to ensure that each stage of life study will be settled in and not to finish the course quickly just as an intellectual study.
            This Bible study is the last step of the essential life study, and the manual of the House Church says that when the shepherds and shepherds’ wives complete the course, they are ordained as official shepherds and shepherds’ wives. This is because until the end of this life study, all of the shepherds and shepherds’ wives were appointed to serve as acting shepherds and shepherds’ wives.
            Among the current shepherds and shepherds’ wives, there are many who served as shepherds and shepherds’ wives even before the concepts of acting shepherds and shepherds’ wives were created. There may be some who think ‘Are those who have worked as shepherds and shepherds’ wives for more than 10 years and have become village leaders still not recognized as official shepherds and shepherds’ wives?’
            However, I thought that this process would be necessary in the future for our church to become a model church in Oceania. And I thought that this official recognition process was necessary because I wanted to make shepherds and shepherds’ wives feel worthwhile for completing all five stages of life studies and to be recognized internationally as official shepherds and shepherds’ wives.
            As I finished this Bible study, I remembered a scene from the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. It was a scene where, the teacher who trains the officers treats them harshly to the point of being rude until the end of training, when the officers who have finished training leave wearing officer uniforms, the teacher salutes each and every officer with courtesy. The officers who completed all the training were an honor and prize to the teacher.
            Paul also confesses this to the Thessalonian church saints. “For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed, you are our glory and joy.” (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20).
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