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          • Village restructuring and the role of the village or group leader
            Just as house church members gather together to have house church meetings, shepherds and shepherds’ wives also gather together to have meetings called ‘Village meetings’, or ‘Shepherds’ group meetings’. For convenience, we call them all ‘Village meetings’ (and they meet once a month). You can think of village meetings as a meeting for the shepherds and shepherd’s wives. Through the village meetings, shepherds and shepherd’s wives can overcome difficulties they may face while doing house church ministry, and it also becomes a time of encouragement and to recharge.
            The leader of the village meetings is called the ‘Village leader’, and if there is no village leader, a ‘group leader’ is selected to lead the village meeting. When the group leader reaches a stage where they can coach and mentor new shepherds using their long-term experience and training, they become the village leader.
            The main role of the group leader is to lead the village meeting and to play the role of ‘shepherd of the shepherds’ by having an opportunity to train and serve the other shepherds through ‘leadership that helps others succeed’.
            In the manual provided by the House Church Ministry, this is what is written about the role of the ‘group leader’. “The role of the shepherds’ group leader is to lead the village meeting. The senior pastor takes on the role of taking care of the shepherds, and the pastor reviews their ministry diaries. The group leader may be determined by the shepherds or appointed by the pastor.” The ministry period of a group leader is 1 year, and after 1 year, it can be rotated, or a new group leader can be elected through a process of re-commitment and re-dedication.
            Being a village leader or a group leader is not a job, but a ministry. In order to create a mature church culture, we must put away the thought that positions of ministry are to gain honour or privilege. However, for those who handle service and ministry well, we need to build them up better so they can be respected by all church members.
            At this time, I am trying to restructure the villages. I think the restructuring of villages is a process for balanced and healthy growth. We hope that the restructuring of the villages will serve as an opportunity for Sydney Crystal Church to better fulfil the mission in the shepherding ministry of saving the lost and to make disciples.
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