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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.07.03  10:15


          • About the church parking lot and the surrounding parking area

                 On Sundays, the church parking lot is always full and the issue of child safety is constantly emerging. Also, the parking on the street near the church is becoming increasingly difficult. As the church is located in a residential area, there are direct or indirect complaints from the neighbours. It is a pity that the church should give a good influence, but is currently instilling a bad perception in our neighbourhood. Here are some precautions when parking:

                 1. The priority of using the church parking lot on Sundays is; when it is necessary to transport goods for Sunday ministry, seniors over 70 years of age, people with disabilities, people with illness, people with infants in strollers, and for those with multiple children. When parking, do not start parking at the basketball court in the centre, but line up in order from the grass on the side of the education building, make sure that the distance between the cars next to you is not wide, and park close to the fence.

                 When entering the church parking lot, you must slow down for the safety of children. When backing up to get out of the car park after worship, you must first check your surroundings. If an accident occurs while driving in the church parking lot, the driver is personally liable. If parking continues to be difficult, the church will issue parking permits and restrict the parking.

                 2. When parking at John St near the church, keep a distance of about 1 metre from the neighbour’s driveway. In particular, in the case of the house in front of the church (the yellow house), they often come to church and ask us to move the car even when it causes only a little bit of discomfort. For those involved in car park guide ministry, please check the parking situation on the street in front of the church every week. Please think that you will walk a little bit on the Sundays, park your car on Blaxcell St beyond John St or at the surrounding street.

                 3. When using the church parking lot for Wednesday prayer service or other gatherings, please do not park in the centre basketball court. This is to provide a space for children to play. Also, please do not allow children to enter parking lot alone before or after Sunday worship.

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