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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.06.26  05:30


          • Let’s make the Kid’s camp a church celebration

            Date: 8-9th July (Fri, Saturday) 10am to 3pm

                 About 100 children have registered for this Kid’s creation science camp. About 40 of the children enrolled in the camp are said to be VIPs. More children wanted to register but registration was closed due to limited number of textbooks.

                 We want to make this Kid’s camp a church celebration. For it to become a church celebration, house churches must participate. The house churches participating in the camp can replace it with the house church meeting that week. In particular, we ask that you do your best to cooperate with the camp if your house church VIP child is attending the camp. It would be nice if the singles house churches and the youth student house churches could also help out.


                 The below are the help requested from the Sunday school for this kid’s creation science camp;

            Assistant teachers: For individual class activities and child safety assistance. WWCC compliance required (7 required for Friday).

            Kitchen: For food preparation. Snack sponsorship.

            Parking and safety: Parking management and guidance (6 people)

            Serving VIPs: Those who will serve the VIP parents who visit the camp (10 required for Friday and Saturday morning)

            Café operation: Barista (3 people), order and serving (3 people), 3 coffee machines required

            Clean up: People who will clean and organise before, during, and at end of the camp (10 people)

            Photo/video: Taking photos and videos (3 people)

            Intercession: Intercession requires the cooperation of all intercession team members.


            * Applications are accepted through the google link. For other details, please contact Shepherd’s wife Seong Shim Song or Pastor Jeong Ho Lee.
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