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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.06.18  20:40


          • Kid’s Creation Science Camp - “God Created It”

                 I have many happy childhood memories of Christian life. Even now as an adult, I feel blessed to have such happy memories. My happiest memory is going to camp at church and participating in the Children's Bible School during the school holidays. Not only did we learn God’s word but I also remember how fun it was to play games and eat delicious snacks.

                 This coming school holidays, we will be holding a Kid's Creation Science Camp: "God Created It" from 8 to 9 July. It is an essential camp for children because it instills the biblical values of creation, and we also think it will create happy memories for the kids. (Camp registration is required in advance.)

                 I hope that the Kid's Bible Camp will become part of our church's culture. For that to occur, it must become an event that not only Sunday School teachers, but all members of the church, can participate in. If only those that always serve are serving, no matter how good it is, it won’t become something that can last. Even if this is your first time serving in this way, as long as you have the heart to serve, that is all that’s required. However, if you are interacting with children directly, you must be registered with WWCC (Working with Children Check).

                 Even if you are not a teacher, there are many ways you can serve. Preparing snacks, cleaning, assisting with activities, serving VIP children's parents, safety personnel, parking attendants, assistant teachers, etc. If you would like to participate, please make sure to fill out the application form. Also, for these children's events, if you would like to provide financial support, snacks for people serving or providing food, this will be good.

                 The Sunday School is preparing for this Creative Science Camp for VIP children to come and participate. I hope that this will be an opportunity for house churches to evangelise to VIPs. Please promote this camp to VIPs at your house church so that they can participate.

                 The most important thing is to pray for the Creation Science Camp. Please pray for Pastor Jung-Ho Lee and the teachers who will be running the event, and please pray for the children and those who are serving as volunteers to be safe and protected until the camp concludes.
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