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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.06.12  05:19


          • Let’s clean the church together.

                 It is a blessing to have a church building at your disposal. And it is the responsibility of all of us to take good care of and maintain it. After Sunday, the church needs a tidy up and clean up here and there. A few people came early before the Sunday worship service and dedicate themselves to provide a pleasant and clean worship environment. After the Sunday is over, the pastors do the vacuuming and cleaning during the week.

                 However, there are still parts of the church that cannot be reached with only a few people managing a large place. Some places are covered in dust and cluttered items are gathering at every nook and cranny. So, villages take turns cleaning the church in a rotation. But it is still unsatisfactory. Because there are many who uses it and only a small number of people who clean it. There is talk of paying for professional cleaners to clean the church. In my opinion, the church should be cherished and cared for by all members of the church. By doing that, I think the heart of love for the church grows more.

                 To keep the church clean, we are going to make some suggestions and practice it.

                 First, we should keep in mind that we clean up after we use it. If you use it, and leave it alone, someone has to clean it and organise it again. In particular, those who use it on Saturdays, must think about the Sunday worship service the day after. Make sure that tables and chairs are in place, that there is nothing dirty, and that the trash cans are emptied.

                 The second is cleaning the church as a ministry. In other words, as a ministry, you are assigned an area by the church management and mange the area according to the needs. For example, you might be in charge of the mothers’ room, or you might in charge of cleaning the refrigerator.

                 The third is for villages to take turns cleaning the church every second week. Previously, two villages cleaned irregularly. Now it can be done by a village (two villages if small numbers in the village) every second week. If this is the case, you should focus on the areas that are not normally maintained or cleaned. As for the cleaning time, it will begin after a simple breakfast at around 7am, after the Saturday dawn prayer meeting is over.
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