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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.07.24  22:28

          • Tips for online house church meetings 
                 Due to the continued spread of covid, house churches have had no choice but to be held online. It is expected that this situation will be repeated over and over again. I am thankful that due to past experience, most house churches have been able to meet online. For those not familiar with online house church, please try to learn rather than wait for the day when we will meet in person again. I have summarised a few simple tips for online house meetings based on using Zoom. 
                 Firstly, preparation is important for online house church. Before the house church gathers, the shepherd should prepare with prayer. Before the house church begins, the shepherd should send the invitation link number in advance and if any material needs to be uploaded, this should be prepared in advance (praise lyrics, pastoral column to read, sharing of the sermon, etc). The shepherd should let a member know beforehand if they need to prepare any of the items. 
                 Secondly, the online house church should have a set day and follow the same order. Online house church is much more effective, without boredom, if you follow the same order as in-person house church. When going through the process, the shepherd should divide responsibilities rather than running it all alone. Rather than just focusing on sharing your life, the house church family should spend time summarising and applying the Sunday sermons in our lives. Also, read the pastoral column in the bulletin together. 
                 Thirdly, it is important in online house church meetings to react and respond to one another. For example, when someone finishes sharing, the members should raise their hands and shake them, smile and applaud them. Make sure your face appears on the screen because as you see each other talking, it increases the conversation. When singing, make sure to mute the microphone and when you are praying, turn the microphone on.  
                 Finally, we should actively invite our VIPs to join the online house church meetings. This is because non-believers may find it easier to attend because it is online.   
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