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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.06.19  19:12

          • The requirements for happiness
            A professor of medicine, Robert Waldinger, from the Harvard University, said that a ‘good relationship’ leads to happiness. The researchers from Harvard University followed the lives of 724 men for 75 years from 1938. They researched on the early lives of these men, including their jobs, health, marriage, family life, ambition, friendship, etc. About 60 men are still alive from the early participants.
            Initially they thought that happiness came from obtaining wealth, success, titles, or from putting in an effort for a goal. But, at the end of the 75 year-long research, they concluded that a ‘good relationship’ brought happiness and good health.
            The first thing that impaired happiness was loneliness. From the research, they found that the closer the ties with their family, friendship, and social relationship through a unity, lead to more joy, healthier body, and a longer lifespan. People who were isolated felt less joy, and not only that, in their middle ages, their health and cognition deteriorated quicker, and had shorter lifespan than people who were not lonely.
            The second thing they found was that it was not just how many friends you had but the quality of that friendship. People living with conflicts had the worst health and those with satisfaction in their friendship were most healthy in their 80’s.
            The third thing was that a ‘good relationship’ protected not only their health but the cognition as well. Hence, those with good relationships had clearer recollection of their memories and the memories lasted longer.
            God already taught us these to us. When we live our lives as a unity in loving our neighbours, serving and helping them to succeed through our healthy family life and a healthy life in faith, not only we will be healthier but also have happier lives.
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