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          • 김지나  2020.10.23  19:39

          • In order not to remain as a spiritual child (Pastor Choi Younggi)

            Many Korean churches are being split into two or more churches due to division within the church. Why are there so many fights and conflicts in the church? It’s because the church members are juvenile. Why are they so? The minister (mokja) has made them this way.
            Many ministers (mokjas) will immediately turn up and help when a couple tells them they have had a fight. When church members refuse to come to church, they almost beg them to come. They are unable to mention church ministries in case it makes them want to leave the church. It’s no wonder the church members remain as a child.
            The characteristics of children are that they only care about their own needs. When they’re hungry, they will have a tantrum regardless of what their mum is doing. They don’t know how to be patient. They will cry their heads off till their milk bottle is put in their mouth. Spiritually juvenile people are the same. They only care for their own needs and have no patience. And this leads to fights and hurting each other.
            In order to raise a mature Christian, you must let them practice standing on their own, as you would when raising a child.
            When a child is very young, the parents will do everything for them. But as they grow, you allow them to be more independent. As a teenager, they’re given more freedom as well as responsibilities. When they go to uni, they are left to fend for themselves. In fact, they not only look after themselves, they also take care of their elderly parents.
            As such, in order for your mokjang members to become mature, the mokjang leader must stop being the only one serving. Of course when they first become believers, it’s okay to look after them like a child, but as their faith grows, so should their sense of responsibility. They should be given even a small ministry so they are not only being served but in a position to serve. They must also learn patience. If they ask their mokjang leader to see them, allow some time before you run to them and arrange a time that suits both of you. When they are facing trials, leaders should be by their side praying for them, and wait for them to learn to fight on their own. Eventually, they will depend less and less on their leader and ultimately become a co-worker. Otherwise, the church will be full of spiritual children.
            **Mokjang leaders’ mission is to raise lay ministers. Please don’t forget that making mature co-workers of faith is the objective of our ministry.

            This week’s message: Sometimes things are not being put back in their original place at church and we have trouble locating them. Please put things back where they belong after you have used them. And when returning the items please ensure whoever has used them puts them back.
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