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          • 김지나  2020.10.09  19:14

          • When we see immature people in the church community (Pastor Bae Youngjin)

            There will always be immature people in the church community, and some, more so than others. Typically, those who have many emotional scars or grew up without healthy discipline from their parents are most likely to be this way.Immature people usually make those around them uncomfortable. In other words, they require others to change their diapers. Therefore, it's a lot to ask for them to act mature.It doesn't help to scold the immature to act mature and appropriately. When you raise a baby, they will wet themselves whenever they like. They don't care for their situation. When a baby has wet their diaper, the mother will change it because that is the only way, and it's the most natural thing to do. Just as a mother would care for their baby in this way, spiritually immature people must be dealt with the same way. Those who are spiritually immature will often display immature behaviour.
            So the problem is this. When the most immature person in the church community acts inappropriately, who fails to understand and accept this person? It's those who are immature themselves. In other words, if someone displays immature behaviour, someone else that is just as immature is unable to tolerate it.
            So in mokjangs, it's often the case that a VIP dislikes another VIP. Who blames the immature? Who is intolerable against the immature? It's those who themselves are immature. Why is this? Being mature means tolerating another person's immaturity. Those who are unable to tolerate it lack the capacity to do so. Ultimately, they will say that they can't stand that person.
            The only way to accept the immaturity of others is to become mature ourselves. When there is a conflict in the church community, it is usually between immature people. So there is only one solution. It's to train ourselves to tolerate others' immaturity. When we see someone that is immature, we should consider this God's training for us to build our capacity. And building the capacity to accept others' immaturity is called maturity. Mothers don't say a word when changing their baby's diaper.

            This week's message
            We will continue to share the gospel to the ends of the earth to fulfill our mission of saving lost souls which is the purpose of the church, and we are a family of God that worships only God until Jesus returns.
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