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          • 이동주  2023.10.07  09:25


          • Who should our ministry be aimed at 1 (Pastor Jae-Jeong Kim)
            During ministry, there are people who serve well, respond well, and understand the heart of the minister. These are people who bring joy and strength to ministers. People like that make ministry rewarding. I wish I could work with people like these during my ministry. However, the ministry is not aimed at such people. Such people are given as a blessing to ministers.
            The ministry is aimed at people who are just the opposite. People who do not respond even when we have prayed and devoted ourselves for them for a long time, people who do not change even when we have served them sincerely, people who betray the love they have been given, people who rebel when they do not like something just a little, and selfish people who act according to their own needs, these people are who our ministry should be aimed at. House churches and churches are places that show God's love to these people, preach Jesus to them, help them gain eternal life, and build them up as people of God. Ministry is about wrestling with such people.
            Doing ministry with such people is difficult and overwhelming. At the same time, you may experience exhaustion, disappointment, frustration, pain, and anger. However, ministry involves experiencing such things repeatedly and sharing God's love with those who are difficult to deal with, without leaving your place. As Jesus healed, gave bread, and performed miracles, he knew that the people who followed him would one day call for him to be crucified. He knew that the leading disciple who confessed that Jesus was the Son of God would deny Him. However, he loved those who would betray him to the end. The person I love and serve now, may hurt me and betray me, but our ministry is to love that person until the end and build them up as people of God. It is about trying to understand and embrace people who say and do wrong things. There are people who never change even if you love and serve them. Still, we must persevere and continue to the end.
            (To be continued next week).
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