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          • A bright heart opens up a bright future 
                 People usually think that if you are successful, you will become happy. That is why they aim to be successful, study hard and work hard without looking in front or behind them. However, Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and president of the International Society for Positive Psychology, says, “You don’t have to succeed to be happy, but when your heart is happy, you succeed.” Though it seems that if you keep running towards success, you will find happiness, it is often the case that when you do, you will appear happy on the outside, but on the inside, you are empty. In addition, it is often the case that when you run towards success, you often will not be successful and will be unhappy due to the competition and stress. 
                 Pastor Myung-Kyo Oh, who wrote “The Road to Happiness” says that a bright heart is an essential requirement for a happy life and it helps to open up the future. 
                 Everyone wants to live with a bright heart and people would like their heart to become brighter. However, a simple wish does not brighten the heart. To make a bright heart requires conscious training. There are many ways to brighten the heart, but psychologists say the most essential method is the discipline of forgiveness and gratitude. 
                 Forgiveness and gratitude starts with voluntarily making a decision. And the most important thing is to continue practising forgiveness and gratitude. As you continue to forgive and be thankful, you build a new system in your brain, called positive thinking. The systems formed in the brain, or the way we think, have a decisive impact on our minds and lives, and open up a bright future.  
            Summary of excerpts from Pastor Myung-Kyo Oh’s “Happy Life”. 
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