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          • 김지나  2021.01.30  07:48

          • Hearing God’s voice during service

            The reason believers are unable to hear God’s voice in their life is because they don’t listen for it and live according to their own desires and not according to how God wants them to live. There are various ways of hearing God’s voice but today I’d like to discuss how we can hear His voice during worship.
            First, we must have a wish we want God to grant us. When asked ‘what would you like to hear from God through worship?’, we must have something to say. In particular, choose something you would like to hear about or receive an answer to during the ‘pre-worship prayer time’. You may have a few, but choose just one before coming to service. When we don’t wish for something, we don’t realise that God is speaking to us even when He is.
            Secondly, we must make an effort to hear God’s voice. From the beginning of service to the end, throughout every moment- praise and worship, prayer time, testimony, etc., we must focus on what God will say and how, and participate with all our hearts.
            Thirdly, the sermon is very important in hearing God’s voice. When you listen to the sermon with something in mind that you’d like answered, a relevant message will be given during sermon. This is God speaking to you.
            Ensure to note down what you have heard and how you felt as it can be easily forgotten.
            Fourthly, we can hear God’s voice during silent prayer time after the sermon. During this time, revisit the sermon and pray by asking God to speak to you again if His message seemed unclear. You can also hear his voice during dedication time and during praise and worship. When you come to the front and fill out a dedication card, the pastor will pray for you and you can also hear God’s voice through the pastor’s prayer.
            Lastly, you can hear God’s voice when you share how you’ve lived out the past week in God’s word.
            We share how we have applied the Word in our life throughout the week by sharing our grateful points or sometimes as a testimony. And we can hear God’s voice from sharing one another’s lives.
            I suggest coming to Sunday service the following week with a heart of gratitude of having spent the week following God’s voice. You will experience a living worship of encountering God. When we continue to practice hearing God’s voice in our lives, our lives will be filled with testimonies and we will be able to lead a joyful life as a believer, experiencing the real love of God.

            Note: this column has made reference to Pastor Kim Hongil of ‘Still waters’.

            This week’s message
            Existing and new deacons will be ordained at next week’s Sunday service. I ask that existing deacons recommit themselves for the new year and new deacons nominated by mokjang leaders prepare for their commitment pledge in prayer.
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